About Us

Herbalistica started from a passion and a constant desire to push the boundaries of healing. Our products are the result of hundreds of pharmaceutical studies, from Nikola Tesla’s discoveries around ozone, to the latest studies on the impact of CBD on the body.

We create ozonated oils that significantly improve human health, without causing side effects.

We are the first in the world to create and patent a revolutionary product worldwide: CBD ozonated oil from hemp (cannabis sativa) Full Spectrum.

With our technology we managed to absorb the active substances in the composition of the oil, and thus its beneficial and curative effects to multiply up to 10 times.

Our ozonated oils penetrate through skin up to 2.5 cm inside the body and there dissociates from ozonides into oil and ozone, which ensures the absorption of over 95% of active substances in 3-5 minute. Our product will also have a local effect of ozone therapy: by destroying viruses, bacteria and cancer cells, as well as the restoration of neural connections due to CB1 and CBD2 receptors in the human body, which are part of the endocannabinoid system .

We extract CBD from our own organic hemp plantation in Romania, in a 100% ecological system, with non-genetically modified cannabis sativa plants, grown without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Hemp seeds are of Romanian and European Community origin with a THC limit of less than 0.3%.

In addition, hemp plantations are not a premiere in Romania, because the cultivation and processing of hemp is a millennial tradition in the area. The hemp plant has its origins somewhere in the Danube basin. Not coincidentally, in the past, Romania was for a long time the second European producer of linen and hemp yarns, fibers and fabrics.

Our vision is that the synergy and balance effect produced in the body by CBD comes from the power of the whole plant and that is why we chose organic farming. We only use sustainable practices to ensure that we respect the environment and that we leave the planet in a better state.

Our mission is to use continuous research and innovation, to give a chance to all those who need to improve or regain their health with organic products, which give excellent results without side effects, products that replace or supplement classic treatments.

We really hope to have you as a customer and be alongside in your journey of healing and wellbeing.


Why choose Herbalistica?

100% Organic

Hemp is a bio-accumulator, which means that it extracts all the chemicals from the soil. Our hemp crops of Romanian origin are completely organic, natural, non-genetically modified, being cultivated without the use of herbicides, pesticides or other dangerous compounds.

CBD Full spectrum (full spectrum)

You can use the benefits of the synergy obtained by cannabinoids and terpenes from CBD oils produced by Herbalistica. Numerous studies have found that full-spectrum cannabis (cannabis sativa) products help users maximize the effects of CBD; In this way, you can personalize your cannabidiol experience.

Ozonated oils

We are the first manufacturers in the world to invent and patent a unique system that has succeeded in assimilating ozone into oil in the form of ozonites. Ozonated oils ensure the absorption of 95% of the active substances, multiplying up to 10 times their beneficial effects.

Ozonated essential oils with specific actions 

We have created combinations of essential oils with specific actions, to meet distinct needs:

● FOCUS, to assist in the treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, addictions, PTSD, epilepsy and antibiotic- resistant infections.

● HAPPY for the treatment of fungi and skin viruses;      

● RELIEF  to assist in the treatment for arthritis, diabetes, alcohol and tobacco addiction    

● RELAXED to assist in dealing with stress, anxiety and sleep disorders      

● ENERGY to support recovery of immune system and gain an energy boost 

● RECOVERY to support the immune system and help improve natural defenses

● CALM to assist in the treatment of acute stress.      

Safe extraction process

Herbalistica oils do not contain solvent residues. We use CO2 extraction systems as the main tool for extracting all the active compounds from our hemp plants. This heat-free and solvent-free method ensures maximum potency and purity of the final product.

Our hemp oil is organic, cold pressed, at a maximum of 36 degrees Celsius, to keep the Omega 3-6-9 chain intact, so important for the proper functioning of the human body.

Oils tested for potency and purity

Each batch of our oils is tested in independent third-party laboratories for the entire cannabinoid content, as well as for the presence of solvents and heavy metals and confirmation of quality. Moreover, all our products are approved in the European Union and can be sold to all citizens of Europe.

Community & Specialized Advice

Herbalistica is a community of passionate and open people, where you will always find answers to your questions. Want to know more about dosing, recommended dosages, or which CBD product will work best for you? Contact us here, dial ☎️00447729927372 or you can write us an email at herbalisticauk@gmail.com .